Au Revoir Steely

I found Steely in the basement today. He had died days before and fluids were already leaking out. We buried him under the pear tree. We all agreed he was the most special cat. A cat extraordinaire. I wrote a valedictory poem and wrapped him in a flannel shirt. We placed a large flat rock on the grave. You don’t know what you’ve got til its gone. Yesterday the Compton Memorial event. Today …

Evening light was on the wane, As we shoveled earth back onto the shrouded body plus a can of cat food for the journey, other animals gathered. Daisy sniffed, Sox whimpered and wagged. Mandu kept his distance. And Zip solemnly headed a goat delegation, sitting stock-still watching everything. Clearly something was happening. We thought we knew what that was.

Lisa and Steely

To a Cat that Was:

Valediction to our Mutual Friend

I was a fan of Steely Dan

Thoreau to be precise

Who was the best friend you could want

Except to little mice

They said he was a feral cat

A policeman for the barn

And true enough we soon became

A mouse-free farm

They said he was a feral cat

Who’d never let us near

Til he wrapped himself around my neck

And purred into my ear

His coat was black and yet concealed

A soft vanilla white

The dandiest of cats he was

And ever so polite

However long a walk we took

Dear Steely galloped too

“Where are we going?” he would ask

I’m coming with you

There never was a cat so free

So wild and yet so tame

Mr Steely Dan Thoreau

His illustrious name

June 15, 2014