Maps and Directions



From Nashville

  • Take I-24 towards Chattanooga
  • Take route 231 exit towards Murfreesboro.
  • Quite soon, turn right on Rutherford (just before Wendys). This will take you south round Murfreesboro.
  • After about 2-3 miles, take a right on Mercury Blvd just after the new Super WalMart. It will soon say John Bragg highway, and Woodbury 16 miles.
  • Enjoy the increasingly scenic drive.
  • **At Woodbury’s first traffic lights (just before you get to Hardees etc.) turn right at W. Adams.
  • Take the next right at Sunny Slope Rd
  • After less than a mile, just after some orange and white warning strips on each side of the road, take a left fork up Claude Wilcher road.
  • After about ¼ mile, bear right down the hill. There is a small Yellow Bird sign!
  • Then bear right down Palmer Lane, at my mail box. Ignore the small porched house ahead of you.
  • Follow the road round swinging first right then left. The main house is ahead of you.

From elsewhere

Woodbury is about 15 miles East of Mufreesboro, at the intersection of route 53 (N/S), and route 70S (E/W). You want to get to the turn-off at West Adams (**above) and then follow the directions from Nashville. So if you come through Woodbury from the East, you will take a left at the last traffic light. If you enter Woodbury from the South (from Manchester), you would first turn left onto 70S in the middle of town, and then take W. Adams left at the last light.

Woodbury is a small town of about 2500 people. You will pass Cannon County Arts Center as you come in from Nashville.